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AGC Research Initiative

AGC Research Initiative

See also: Ag Grow Assist

Ag Grow Research focuses on providing local, independent research to assist growers in making sound agronomic decisions. Since 2010 and on multiple research sites, we have collected data to provide answers to questions about how certain products, varieties and agronomic practices perform in our soil. Customers receive access to an In Crop Summer Tour, a printed copy of the results with interpretation, and an invitation to the Ag Grow Research results meeting.


  • Variety Trials – Wheat, Durum, Barley, Oats, Soybeans, Faba Beans, Lentils, Canola, Hemp
  • Fertility Trials – Nitrogen (Yield Curve, Source), Phosphate & Potash & Sulfur Response
  • Fungicide Trials – Wheat, Durum, Lentils, Canola
  • Ag Grow Demonstrations – We evaluate a range of modern input practices and determine which combination returns the most bushels and dollars for your farm.

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