Ag Grow Consulting
Field Scouting Soil Testing Variable Rate Ag Scouter App Ag Grow Advantage


  • Truck Mounted Probes
  • GPS marked soil testing points
  • Surface Analysis (6 “ depth) – N, P, K, S, Ca, Zn, Mn, Cl,Fe, Cu, B, OM, pH, CEC
  • Subsoil Analysis (24 “ depth) – N, S, Soluble Salts
  • Customized Nutrient Management Planning


Field Scouting            Field Scouting            Field Scouting

The goal of soil testing with Ag Grow Consulting is to provide you with the information needed to clearly understand what your crop requires to grow the highest yield. Having a good analysis and recommendation starts with taking a proper soil test. Our Ag Grow Consulting agronomists are in your fields with their trucks choosing the correct locations to draw samples from. We analyze all the data and make fertilizer recommendations my combining our local expertise with your goals and experience.