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Ag Grow Consulting has a simple, personalized approach to agronomy. We provide timely, unbiased and precise agronomic services to farmers. We are passionate about agronomy and we want our customers to grow the best crop and make the most money!

Wade and Kara Annand began Ag Grow Consulting Ltd. In 2008. At that time, there was no one else providing independent agronomy services in Northeast Saskatchewan. They have been working with customers to provide the best agronomic solutions to increase their farms bottom line. They have built a team of dedicated, hardworking agronomists who are committed to doing what is right for farmers. Ag Grow Consulting provides field scouting, soil testing, tissue testing, variable rate, drainage services and we carry out local research. Our recommendations are made using a combination of regional experience and scientific data. We take pride in supporting all aspects of crop production, and work with our customers during the growing season and throughout the winter to help achieve that goal. Ag Grow Consulting has nothing to sell other than ourselves, and has nothing but our customer’s best interests in mind.